Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day life: 2010 - 07 - 23 / 24

I hope everyone had a happy weekend. Mine was mostly filled with sunny skies, a little shopping, some Project Runway and Star Trek

I finally bought some alcohol in the states after turning 21 abroad five months ago. It feels good to just have a beer and watch some of my favorite tv or with a meal.

I love these sandals and can't wait to take them out when the sun starts shining! They're a little too big, so I wear them with inserts, but aren't they darling? Just a little sneak peak at a summer shoe post soon.

And my two buys at A Rusty Rooster in my hometown. It's a lovely little antique store with little odds and ends that I adore. It looks like a lot of things were marked down (unusual), but it means I will probably be back several more times this summer. But first, I need to find a leather strap for this lovely satchel. The leather is buttery soft now, and the inside is roomy will all sorts of compartments! And it was only $2.40 (marked down from a reasonable $6.70). Crazy good.
The other purchase was a muffin tin to keep some of my earrings in.

Not very exciting, but a couple other things filling my time has been:
  • Comic Con news! (Especially the hilarious Community panel - and of course the pen-eye stabbing! CRAZY!)
  • Finding out that my Representative in DC is retiring (Rep. Brian Baird) from leafing through my voter's pamphlet. Right now I'm voting for Denny Heck.
  • And, of course, Mad Men fever! (my favorite link so far: creator Matt Weiner being interviewed by the amazing Diane Sawyer)
Here's to another great week! And it should be as I will be in Portland starting on Thursday to see some of my favorite people.

ETA: I'm also on the lookout for: a new mobile phone (upgrade time! - I'm considering an iPhone, but unsure) and a new camera (pretty... please? But my sister is letting me use her's for now). Any comments/suggestions are wanted!

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