Friday, July 16, 2010

the muser.

I'm a fickle little one that has started dozens of blogs only to stop. This is just another one of those experiments. I like to jump on new sites and hobbies to see what sticks. [Spoiler alert: not that much.] I'm going to keep this particular post as generic to me as possible, and continue to update and tweak the hell out of it.

I spend too much time reading my twitter stream [which is full of journalists and news sources], looking at my google reader [which is full of fashion bloggers and more news sources] while listing to music, and watching tv, although I do sometimes watch movies too. Oh and I'm a technophile with an affinity for sci-fi.

Since my dalliance into themed blogging left me uninspired, I'm turning the leaf to general musing blogging, as rattled and chaotic the subjects of my future writings may be. Watch for short news commentary, style inspiration, what to watch/listen to, and timey-wimey-lifey things.

Other internet-y places you can find me [for the time being]:
twitter ; tumblr ; flickr ;

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